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Monday, 26 September 2011

Hola de Iquique, Chile,

Iquique (E-key-kay)

This is a balling surf city. The name which means relax is mis-represented in today's age. The waves are great and the adventure-land doesn´t end there. There is paragliding, body boarding, surfing, skate parks, sand dunes for Jeeps and Paint ball.  We just went sand boarding today. A pretty unique activity to add to the list.  Best way to describe it is, snowboarding with your hiking boots on and riding down sand dunes.

Before leaving Arica, a new friend named Jack brought up the opportunity to play some Rugby. That night, we went to the rugby pitch and played a couple hours of rugby with a club from the city. Days after I´m still stretching the hamstrings to feel normal again.  It was  a lot of fun, the English made it easier for trick plays between Jack and I.  Admittedly, we partied too hard that night.

The hostel in Iquique is flat out amazing and the best yet.  Wood finished everything, stairs, furniture, foosball tables, artwork.  The best way to describe this hostel is warm.  There´s surfboards and body boards covering a whole section. Great kitchen, which has been used daily.  The music is constantly just right for the beach town feel.

Side note, I´ve been growing the beard. In fact, I havn´t shaved the face since Canada.  Its growing in pretty solid.   We´ll see how long she stays on for.  Brain waves are slow on the beach. I just keep sitting on the beach,  mesmerized by the boarders.  The size,  motion and thunder of the surf is incredible.  I´m amazed life can be lived in this fashion.

Off to the beach tmrw AM for some body boarding.  Then to Copiapio (The Mining Disaster Area) over night.  I hear there is not much to see about 'the mine' but we will at least pass through the town.

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  1. WOW Ryan! Everything your describing seems soo surreal! I'm bummed I didnt come with you!!! Would have been amazing! Glad your doing loads of interesting things and meeting cool people!
    HAH I cant picture you with a beard really...I'm sure you would just look like an older version of yourself!

    UWO Homecoming this weekend should be pretty crazy!! We will miss you at Thanksgiving too :(

    Take care,
    Melis XOXO

  2. Join us Mel. cold mornings, long bus rides, rough accomodations, yet new things surround you each day!

    Thanksgiving, yes sad! ill miss all the fam!

    Spell check is in Spanish therefore everything is spelt wrong and underlined in red lol