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Thursday, 1 September 2011

After checking that I spelt travelling correct, I am now ready to write my first blog.

A week today, Jess and I travelling to South America.  A continent with culture, nature and countries we're  looking forward to experience.

As Jess wrote, "What started out as a facebook status comment, to nights planning at the campus pub, to weekly skype dates - we are actually pulling this off!"

With no idea what to expect on the trip, this  includes internet access I will post updates "here and there".  Just want to let you know from time to time that I am safe and seeing things.

Friends and family; this blogs for you.

1 comment:

  1. Hola hermano...
    thats brother in Spanish!!!
    WOW Ryan sounds like you are doing some really amazing things! I'm so proud of you for organizing such an amazing adventure that you will remember forever! I bet your glad you worked out so hard before you left- pumping that iron!!!! sounds like you will be in amazing shape by the time you get home!!
    Time Fly's - you have already been gone for 2 weeks!!
    We miss you and glad you are well (too bad you didnt have any cold fx on you!)
    Cherish your time there!

    Love Mom and Melis