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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hello again from Cusco Peru,

Just arrived to our Loki hostel late lastnight. We  visited Machu Picchu.  The place is great. Much like the Aztec's ruins, yet you can walk up the steps have a nap on the terraces. Bascially spend some serious time  exploring them.

To get there we hiked the Inca Trail.  If you dont know what that is neither did I before I began the 42 km mountain climb.  We camped 3 nights.  the altitude made it very difficult to breath while climbing at 3500 or 4000m. No oxygen was taken.   It rained every day.  I got a bad cold while there. It may have been one of the most challenging things i have done.  The sights made it worth it.  We even visited 7 Inca cities including Machu Picchu. Yes I took many pictures.  We ran into a few llamas on route.  They are basically the deer of Peru. Its more of mental challenge i thought. Stay positive our guide reminded us.  I did.  If you're wondering I did not order a porter to carry my 75 litre pack.

Going on an over night bus to Lake titicocka tonight.  Its  supposed to be the highest altitude lake in the world.  Chile next. Looking forward to the Chilean experience.

My Spanish is improving. Each day I have a bit more confidence to start a convo in Spanish.

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  1. hello ryan! good to hear from you, hope you are staying safe. no more swinging on tree vines!

    love gramma and grampa

  2. glad to hear you are having an amazing trip. Sounds so exciting and thrilling. just remember to stay safe.
    btw neil got his license so we thought we would give him your car to take to guelph while you are gone. hope you dont mind.

    love kathy and alyssa

  3. lol no worries, congrats to Neil. Hope they are both enjoying their first month of the G.

    on a realted note a gold ford taurus (taxi) drove us across the Chilean border today.

    tell gramma and grandpa im a long ways away from any jungle and tree vines :(