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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hello from Arica, Chile,

Finally we have reached warmth!  Jess and I swam in the Pacific today after 2 weeks of travelling.

We visited the floating islands of Lake Titcaca near Puno Peru two days ago. Yes you read that correctly, floating.  The natives have combined a meter thick of these reeds (like cattails) into islands for 100´s to live on.  Not to find the negative in it but it was sad to see how the tourism industry has influenced them.  They gave a quick story of how they have been doing the floating life (which they forgot to mention has only been since the 60´s) then drag you over to their table cloth of bracelts and toy boats to buy.  Great to be on the water though. Ha funny story. Our tour boat´s prop came cought on a fishing line. Our half day tour nearly became a full day tour as we drifted to shore.  Bonus!  Except i really had to pee.

We crossed the Peru-Chilean boarder in a gold  ford toarus this AM.  Yep  the Toursha is living strong in Arica.  I had the greatest memory of home this morning.  Penut butter and toast!!!!! Well techinically it was Skippy not Karft but ill take it, lol. Seriously it was heaven tasting something familure. Also I saw the first McDonalds today. No i didnt buy anything. Im saving up untill tomorrow´s lunch.

Groceries today for today and tomorrows dinner came to ....wait for it.....8,250.    The Mula in Chile is soooo different. 1 Chilean peso is = 525 US $.  But the six pack of beer was the equilavent of 4 bucks.  Deal!

Still alive and Kicking,



  1. Hola from London!!
    Sooo Snooki is from Chile...are all the people there short like her??? hah just wondering!! I saw Jersey Shore last night- its such a train wreck but I just cant take my eyes off it, Snooki was especially a disaster!!
    .."lake titcaca" thats just hilarious!!!..
    you have to try to the MC D's in another country- at least to see if it tastes the same as home right!!...MMmm PB and toast-classic! gotta love it!!
    $4 6 pack of beer thats crazy!!! you must have drank those beers then written the blog because you need to work on your spelling there dear! (FAMILIAR and CAUGHT) lol jk still love you!! Glad to hear your having a ball!!


  2. thanks for spell check Mel. Keyboards are not the same as Canada. Most times the label is wrong for a specific key. Other times im just half way through drinking, lol.

    Snooki is a alive and well by the looks of most chicks here. The girls are really pretty in Chile though.

    McD´s is a bit less greasy here. Their uniforms are all denim, top and bottom.. yikes. Prices are about the same. Adios