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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hola de Punta del Esta,

This is the furthest east city we will visit on our trip. With 1 day left,  Its clear now that the SA trip is at a close.

Buenos Aires was a hellóva blow out to end in style.  The city has more culture and beauty than anything I´ve seen yet in South America.  Mature trees(maple family) cover the sidewalks.  Classy restaurants are on every street.  The people, oh man, its not fair how so many gorgeous people are packed into one area of the world lol.  Im glad it was left to last.  Ill tell ya the story of our first night there.

7 pm we start feeling the hunger pains.  Argentina is known for its high quality steak so we decide to splurge at a nice steak specialized restaurant.  They turn us away at the door because .. they hadn´t open yet.    Upon returning at 9pm there is an hour long wait ahead of us. Yes, were still hungry.  By a 11pm I can say i have consumed the greatest steak on the planet.  If a cloud was edible you could say it was as tender a cloud, juicy and the texture was great. Ahh good steak!  So we go home and nap. Thats right nap at 11pm.  Its a sensible thing to do, I´m telling ya!

After 20-30 minute napping,  the pre-drink began.  We ended up meeting a young couple from London.  We drank till 2 AM then grabbed a bus to the club.  The club was packed with locals and travellers. They played all american pop music.  The club is dark et cetera and the time is flying by. At 630 AM the club opens its doors to a fully sunny Buenos Aires street.  That was a first for me.  Not gunna lie is was a cool feeling seeing the sun up and still being guilty of partying.  At 7AM we took the bus back to the hostal.  Of course,on the bus we were accompanied by everyone going to work.  They were half asleep in their seats and we were half passed out in ours.  This took place on a Monday night.  Tueday night Jess sat out.  I went for it as I had to experience it all over again.  Seven days a week this city (clubs) are alive at night till 5, 6, 7 AM  8AM on the weekends.  Mi gusta!

Uraguay was an easy boarder crossing early today.  We took a ferry boat over.  Bused it to Montevideo then to Punta del Esta.  We are told this place is a solid beach resort in the Nov-Feb season.

Home this weekend  :).  If you are of legal drinking age and are in the Burlington area meet me downtown burly Saturday night!



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