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Monday, 10 October 2011

Hey Hay Hey

Im in Patagonia! WoW is the only description of the scenary in these parts.

We just disembarked our ship today in Puorto Natalas.  This town is beautiful!  Colourful houses, appropriate wooden furniture at restaurants and  hostals give this city a rustic feel.  City is a generous term given that it has a handful of streets  All of which were walked today to find the usual; 1. hostal.  2. supermarket. 3. bus station.   It takes me by surprise that a city this far south in the world is is full of life, business et cetera.  Granted it will be full of park seeking tourists once the season is underway in weeks.

We have been cruising south for the past 4 days on a 125 M cargo ship.  Great company made the journey a lotta fun.  Most of the passengers were young and full of adventure. Perhaps 30 passengers; tourists from every corner of the earth.  There are two couples we have been hanging out with, Holly&Jamie of New Zealand  and Ryan&Randy of Texas. Jamie told us about the boat in Arica aka the north city of Chile. Ryan and I chatted about the ship again in Vina del Mar.  Essentially this passage is the talk of Chile. It was an outragous deal for what we recieved.

Pucon was my favourite adventure day of this trip!  We arrived at 930 and by 2 pm I was Kayaking. It took hours to find a store crazy enough to let me take their Kayak out to the Lake by myself.  I visited flooded forrests. Pulled up to shore on basically untouched beaches.  Crossed a large bay with a 3000m active Volcano on my left covered in white snow.  Sure enough, while on route back home it bagan to pour rain.  Lightening was not present, so  I  was safe.  The rain made it a lotta fun.  Fish were jumping outta the water.  I walked the Kayak back to AguaAdventures in the Rain.  Then bought some warmer used clothes for $12, winter jaket, fleece and a .....Brittany Spears concert T. In my defense she is the comback Queen.  Our hostal for the night was a beautiful log cabin equpped with a wood burning fire place.  The whole lakes district looks exactly like northern Ontario.

Off to Torres del Pain in the AM.

Happy Thanksgiving! Missed ya all.



  1. Hey Ryan!!

    Sounds like your simply having the time of your life! soo happy for you!

    Thanksgiving was good but a little quieter this year as gramma is not well. she's had a nose bleed for a few days..she should be ok though..

    on a side note -I went on my first bike ride yesterday (was going 200 km on the hiway- unreal!!!!its a white suzuki, hot!! you know Im a speed demon! - with a boy I met)
    I am looking into moving back to Burlington very soon!
    your trip is almost over! your home in less than 2 weeks!! yay!!!
    enjoy the last part of it!!

  2. hey ryan, missed you at thanksgiving, but im sure we will see you as soon as you get home. neil will sadly miss your car, we will have it waiting the driveway for you when you get home. we promise it will be back in one piece, i hear electrical tape works well.

    love, The Turvilles