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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Hey from ...Santiago,

Has anyone taken a FREE TOUR before (question mark).  Our guide today said they are popular in Europe.  To be fair they say "based on tips" under the Free title. Brilliant marketing, hats off to the company.  The guide was very passionate and a book full of knowledge of the city. Favourite part was finding out this is the end of the road to Elderaldo.  Enjoyed that movie by the way. Yes, I tipped the young guy.

In Santiago we are staying at La Casa Roja.  Our hostal has a pool, hot tub and a cricket field. Pretty neat mansion it is. Not bad for $13 a night.  Swam in the pool today, did some laps. Im outta shape, uhg.

We came from Vina Del Mar a couple days a go. It was nice. Very posh, wealthy.  Never have seen so many palm trees, this palm tree popularity in South Americam surprises me!  A city beside Vina is where we stayed. Its short form is Valpo.  Each house is built on  one of the 42 hills which rise from the port to the mountains.  Each house is a different colour from the next, light blues, pinks, yellows et cetera.  It is no doubt the art capital of South America with grafitti as welcomed artwork on all buildings and artists sketching the streets and hills around every corner.

Travelling aside, I can say I feel at peace. No I dont mean im ready to die, I just feel more calm, appretiative and tranquil.  If i have grown in anyway from this trip, my patience level has grown.  A busy western culture has not been present in these travels.

The bus tonight will be our bed as we cruise south for 8 hrs to Pucon.  This is known as the lake district of south Chile.   Excited and cold.  The chills will be there from one of the two as we approach closer to Antartica.


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